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Build your own smartphone expense-tracking app — even if you’re NOT a nerd

A lot of Get Rich Slowly readers like to get their hands dirty. Instead of paying for an app, they’d rather build their own expense trackers and net worth calculators and other money tools.

If you’re one of these nerdy industrious folks, check out how the anonymous bloggers at Waffles on Wednesday made their own free mobile expense tracking appwithout coding.

Waffles on Wednesday form

Here are the basic steps to creating your own customized expense-tracking app:

  • Create a Google Form to capture expense info. Customize the form to grab the info you want to track.
  • Create a spreadsheet to collect the information you enter on the form.
  • Save the form to your smartphone’s navigation screen for instant access. You can now enter expenses from your phone, not just your computer.
  • Go back to the spreadsheet and customize it to generate the reports you’re after.

Waffles on Wednesday spreadsheet

The authors built this tool to track business expenses, but the general idea is easily adaptable to tracking personal expenses. Over the years, readers have sent me a lot of personalized spreadsheets, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen anyone convert their tool into a smartphone app! I love it.

Waffles on Wednesday app

I know this might seem pretty techy to some readers, but it’s actually not that complicated. If you’ve ever had to mess around with spreadsheets at work, you should have the skills to put this idea into practice.

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