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25 ‘Positive’ Personality Traits That Most People Actually Hate

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1. People who are too cheerful

“With a few exceptions, excessive cheerfulness. It usually comes off as disingenuous, to say nothing of annoying AF, although I can think of a couple highly cheery people who seem totally genuine and whom I like a great deal.” — JedLeland

2. People with charisma

“Excessive charisma. They become the center of the room and suddenly nobody else is important.” — NordyNed

3. People who are brutally honest

“People who are ‘brutally honest’. It usually translates to no tact.” — MagnatausIzunia

4. People who are quirky

“Quirkiness. I love people who are genuinely eccentric, but people who call themselves quirky usually do so to make themselves feel above other ‘cookie cutter’ people. I love your colored hair and obscure music, but it doesn’t make you better than me – sorry. Also see: hipsters.” — literal9

5. People who are planners

“Perpetual planners. People who have every minute of every day figured out. I prefer a little more spontaneity.” — UberToonces

6. People who are frugal

“Frugal folks. I’m not someone that overspends or overpays all the time, but there are certain things I prefer in higher quality than quantity, like my food for example. I used to have a roommate that would constantly brag about the cheapest foods he would find, and if he wanted grapes and they weren’t on sale, he just wouldn’t buy them. I mean, come on… he was so excited to tell me about all the deals he found that day shopping like I was going to jump up and down at hearing the news.” — THIR13EN

7. People who ask personal questions

“People I barely know asking me personal questions. Why is this acceptable? Mind your own business or get to know me in little ways first. Also, keep your opinions to yourself. I can’t believe the shit people think I need to hear when they pass me on the walking trail.” — le_vybrosit_account

8. People who want to please everyone

“People who try to please everyone. I’m not talking about at a party making sure everyone has a drink etc. I mean the ones who agree with everyone and everything and doesn’t offer an opinion of their own or they have an opinion but won’t stand behind it cause they have no backbone. It’s a sign of weak character.” — yuri_yk

9. People who are ‘too nice’

“It’s a good thing in this world that there are people out there who don’t cling to their opinions or preferences. They go with the flow, they try to create harmony within groups, they’re curious about others, and they let shit slide. It’s all water under the bridge to them. These people are the glue that holds society together and keep us from biting each other’s heads off all the time.

But sometimes you get stuck in a situation where there’s a standstill in the group because everyone’s being too nice and waiting for cues from somebody else. You just want someone to stop being nice, make up their mind, and be assertive.

‘What do you want for dinner?’

‘I dunno, what do you want for dinner?’

‘I don’t care. I’m fine with whatever you want to have.’

‘I mean, I could go either way.’

‘Do you like food? I’m impartial.’

‘I don’t even know what I want. What was the last thing you had?’


10. People who are extroverted

“That specific kind of extroversion that’s really high energy — the kind that makes people really good at fundraising, recruiting, or sales. Regardless of someone’s other personality traits, I find it overwhelming and exhausting, especially when I don’t know the person.” — 

11. People who act as leaders

“Being a leader is a great quality.

However, it’s annoying as fuck when they have to take the lead in every situation and can’t fathom doing otherwise.” — badgersprite

12. People who are dedicated

“People who are extremely dedicated to their job and just positive about everything that happens in their workplace. So much so that they extend every staff meeting by 30 minutes when everyone in the room including the CEO just wants to get the fuck home.” — HaroldFaltermeyerJr 

13. People who are overly complimentary

“Being excessively complimentary.

If you like my shoes, that’s rad, tell me. But I’ve met people that will spend an entire conversation talking about you rather than to you and it’s intensely uncomfortable after a while.” — object_permanence

14. People who are too logical

“People who try to use logic to console every pain you go through in life. It is good at times. Sometimes you need a little slap in the face. But when you’re going through things, sometimes you just want a hug and an ‘I’m here for you.’” — jalyssattb

15. People who talk too much

“Being overly talkative. Makes me suspicious.” — Thebalance21

16. People who are excessive

“Excessive anything, really. Super fake positivity is a huge turnoff, but excessive negativity is downright poisonous.” — investomatic

17. People who censor themselves

“Overly PC people. I’m not talking about your normal, respectful individuals but those who take it so far to the point of trying to censor everyone around them and choose what they can and can’t say.” — 

18. People who are too sexual

“Over confident alpha types. Always turning something into a sexual innuendo.” — El_poopa_cabra

19. People who never get annoyed

“People who never disagree or never have a negative thing to say about anyone/thing frustrate me. I mean, sure, it’s ok to be ok with everything, but nobody can be completely accepting of everything happening around them. Everybody gets pissed off about something.” — jeffcarpthefisheater

20. People who are happy all the time

“Always happy or morning person.

No one needs to be happy 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Yes, it’s better to be happy. But it’s super annoying when something upsets you and a ball of sunshine is trying to force positively up your asshole.

No, let me have my five minutes of anger!” — ForeverPizzaPrincess

21. People who are too carefree

“People that are NEVER in a rush.” — tictacti1

22. People who are overly social

“Very very very social people. I am not one of these people and I don’t understand them and I sort of long to be that way, but I feel very uncomfortable being social, so it’s just a hate spiral that ends in me feeling bad because I dislike someone merely for being able to accomplish something I feel I cannot.” — canwepleasejustnot

23. People who are too easygoing

“People who invite others to join our hangout. A very old friend of mine is so friendly and easy going, he doesn’t realize inviting others (sometimes people I barely know) to join after we’ve made plans for just the TWO of us to hangout is rude. More the merrier is bullshit.” — s0lidsnack1

24. People who are overly confident

“Confidence that translates as egotism.” — Corbayne

25. People who pity others

“Pity. I mean it’s good to show empathy, but pity is demoralizing and offensive sometimes.” — dragon_king14 TC mark

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